Donald “the symptom” Trump: kakistocracy & coprolalia

One can fight the corrupt elites in the name of the people. One can oppose the caste, the establishment, the banksters. One can claim to be pure, innocent, clean, bio, and sell political enlightenment at the corner of the street. Burrito “Frederick the Great“, everybody. One can draw clear lines, divide us and them, black and white, build a wall, perch on top and indicate the mass of pariahs. One can hire a powerful computer and delegate decisions to its silicon democracy. One can open the book of answers and distribute plenty of certainties. One can set free the tiger of subconscious, and speak clear like the man in the street. Salt of the earth, hallelujah!

This is the time of social coprolalia folks, speak up your mind, do not hold back, and do not bend in front of political correctness. Don’t you see the long lines of parrhesiastes arm in arm with Heidegger and Pinocchio? Liberal democracy is dead; long live the tyranny of the common people. One can claim to be the solution to a problem, while being the symptom of a collective disease. One can claim the opposite of everything as long as it displays a cool hashtag. #Post-truth means we are all, equally, wrong, and if we were right it would not make a difference. Hordes of trolls haunt the wild web dragging effigies of Voltaire, one can claim it’s the future, baby.

But all the populism in the world does not prevent kakistocracy.

We swept the conflict under the carpet.

Now the carpet has the shape of our worst nightmares.

This is the time of the evil of banality.

This is the government of the worst.

Welcome to the Carnival of politics.

The top picture was taken in Tehran (Iran) in 2015, next to the former US embassy. That was the place where 52 American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days. The movie Argo depicts those events.

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