POP – Political Observatory on Populism – publishes articles and interviews about populism. This blog is open to everyone, but it is also strictly against fascism, racism, and sexism.

In 2022, POP became a book of interviews to leading experts on populism!

Here you can check it out.

The Populism Interviews.indd

POP investigates populism in all its forms: as electoral strategy, ideology, style, political show, mediatized logic, outburst of social anger and frustration, blasts of coprolalia, social heuristic to make sense of the world, and more.

I am Luca Manucci, urban explorer with a PhD in Comparative Politics from the University of Zürich, working on populism, political parties, and media studies, currently working at the University of Lisbon.

I am the author of a book that investigates the links between populism and collective memory, published by Routledge: “Populism and Collective Memory: Comparing Fascist Legacies in Western Europe”.

Unless it is stated otherwise, I am the author of the posts. All the ideas and positions are strictly personal.

Most pictures that illustrate the posts have been taken by me somewhere, at a certain point, but others might come from some dusty corner of the Internet: in case they violate any copyright just let me know and they will be removed.

This blog is based on a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License: you can use any material published here as long as you cite the source and do not use it for commercial purposes.

Do you have any question? You want to signal a recent publication on populism? You want to send me your Cahiers de doléances? You think you have a contribution suitable for publication? 


E-mail –> luca.manucci@ics.ulisboa.pt / manucciluca@gmail.com

Twitter –> POP@Tweets_On_Pop

Telegram –> t.me/POP_populismobserver

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