Still alive and Kicking

Populism was the Cambridge Dictionary word of 2017 (although some argue that nativism should have been the real word of the year). The attention of public opinion about populism keeps rising, and many articles are published every day (this article appeared on Jacobin Magazine and has originated a lively debate on Twitter). The last months have been full of topics to discuss, interviews, and articles from all over the world, while in parallel this small blog experienced its peak in terms of traffic. It has  been a deeply challenging and rewarding experience.

I would like to thank all those who contributed to this project so far, all the readers and aficionados, the supporters, the NCCR Democracy for awarding POP with the Knowledge Transfer Award 2016 (which finances the online presence of this blog), but also all those who will join in the future, who will help, debate, write, and read.

After three years, 10.000 unique visitors and over 16.000 views (half of which only in 2017), it would be absurd to abandon this project. For this reason, I invite all the researchers, academics, and journalists (in particular women) to contribute by sending material or proposing interviews. Populism might have been the word of 2017, but for sure it is not going to disappear in 2018.

Some of you already know why in the last two months I did not have much time to devote to this blog: I successfully defended my dissertation (on populism, would you have ever guessed?) and on the 30th of December I embarked on a year-long trip from Italy to Southeast Asia, through 25 countries.

You can find some pictures here:



Despite all the commitments, travels, and projects going on, POP exists and resists also through 2018.

Understanding populism has never been more relevant than now.

Let’s try to do it together.

Sarajevo, 8 January 2018

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